Houseplants and Thrift Store Finds

Plants in Winter

My little indoor lemon tree is doing so great, it’s absolutely covered in blooms. The lemons are about nickle sized now. It’s so refreshing to smell a faint summery citrus scent while watching the snow fall outside.

Indoor plants are wonderful year round, but mid winter when it feels like spring is ages away they’re especially gorgeous.

Plants in Winter

Plants in Winter

I also found a couple cool things at thrift stores this week. First a couple great down pillows:

Thrift Store Finds

The red one is from Crate and Barrel and I think it’s hideous. I’m sure it was expensive… money just can’t buy class. I might keep the white embroidered one as is, I like the look and it’s in perfect shape.

I also found this great little book of reproduced Russian postcards:

Thrift Store FindsThrift Store FindsI think they are going to be an interesting addition to my mixed media journals.

Shadowboxes are usually a pretty common thrift store staple, unlike their flashier cousin the letterpress tray. However, I couldn’t pass this one up. It’s shelves are removable and reorganizable:

Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store Finds

Why would that be intriguing? Ummmm not sure… but it does open up the possibility of covering the back wood with something fantastic. This thing was a bit pricey for the second hand world at $10.

I have always liked the look of the green shade desk lamps, but the ones that wind up at thrift stores are always without exception chipped. This one is chipped but it’s sooooo tiny it took me forever to notice. I actually passed it up several times, until the other day when it was 50% off and I thought $2.50 was a reasonable amount for it.  Thrift Store Finds

I hate the base, I want to gut it, steal the shade and use pipe to create a tall reading lamp for the sitting room. Like one of these:

anthro-inspired industrial pipe lampIndustrial Style Pipe Lamp with Green Glass Insulatorsdiy industrial pipe lamp

Left is an Anthropology inspired wall lamp from NellieBellie, a no longer available pipe desk lamp from Etsy seller TRoweDesigns and last a DIY pipe lamp from Always In Wonder.

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