Pearl Wire Wrapped Ear Cuff Tutorial

Some of my more popular posts are the wire ear cuff tutorials I did a few years back. I wanted to do another for everybody, so I came up with this wire wrapped pearl ear cuff design.

Pearl Ear Cuff DIY

This tutorial is a bit advanced so if you wanted to start your ear cuff adventure with something more basic check out one of these:

Basic Ear Cuff Tutorial Wire Bow Ear Cuff Spiral Ear Cuff TutorialOkay, the supplies I used to make the pearl cuff were, 20 gauge wire, a fresh water pearl bead (I got a string of them for $2 on sale at Joann), round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire cutters, a file, and a pen.

Pearl Ear Cuff DIY

You could use the method above to wire wrap any type of bead into an ear cuff. Here is the one from the tutorial above finished:Pearl Ear Cuff DIY

I also made another out 24 gauge silver plated wire, which I think looks a bit tidier since the wire is easier to get really close to the top and bottom of the pearl:

Pearl Ear Cuff DIY

I’ve been wearing the silver one constantly:

 Pearl Ear Cuff DIYPearl Ear Cuff DIY  If my instructions aren’t clear enough or you have questions about making your own, let me know. Have fun!

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