First Thrift Finds of 2015!

I got this rustic rag-rug looking fabric. Ande Fabric I love the southwest America/Andes mountains earthy colors, and this has that feel with a very simplistic pattern. Ande Fabric I also got this oil painting: Thrifted Oil Painting Buildings I love the texture of the oil painting, and I love the rustic frame but not together.Thrifted Oil Painting Buildings I’m thinking a mirror would look better inside the frame. As for the painting, I’m collecting great old oil paintings for an eventual gallery type grouping. This only makes the second one I have, which is good since the room I want them for doesn’t actually exist yet. I also grabbed this severely tarnished little silver plated bowl: Silver Plated Small Bowl I’ve been looking for a large vase for this display of branches so when I saw this giant cardboard floor vase, I had to get. Large Cardboard Vase It looks like it’s made of rolls of corrugated cardboard: Large Cardboard Vase I think I might add some paper-mache layers to it, or maybe another vase on top of it to make it taller or just paint it, but for $5 I don’t have too much invested if it turns out hideous! Large Cardboard Vase I also snagged another down insert disguised as this uninspired blue denim pillow, at $5 for a 20×20 it’s about $20 less than even the cheapest down pillow I’ve seen at Home Goods. 20 x 20 Thrift Down Pillow Hopefully this haul foretells the beginning of fantastic thrift finds for 2015!

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