Sewing a Simple Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

As promised, here is my pillow cover tutorial. I made my first cover late at night and the pictures kinda suck so I made this pretty infograph to illustrate the process a bit clearer:

How to Sew a Pillow Cover

My pillow inserts were loosely measured at 17 x 14:

Sew a Pillow Cover

I cut the new fabric out of green velvet, that I either got from my grandma or possibly it was a remnant from Joanns.

Sew a Pillow Cover

Anyway, you need to cut a full sized piece of fabric for the front of the pillow. Then one piece that is half the length, in my case 17 x 7, and another piece that is half the length plus 2 inches so 17 x 9. You don’t need to worry about seam allowances, since a tight cover looks better. Hem one long side of each back piece. Use a coordinating thread since you will be able to see these on the back side of the pillow. Sew a Pillow Cover

Pin one back piece to the front of the pillow cover lining up the edges, so the hemmed side is in the middle:

Sew a Pillow Cover

Then pin the other back piece to the front cover, don’t forget they should be right sides together!

Sew a Pillow Cover

Sew all around the edge of the pillow, back stitching at the start and end to hold the thread. Turn the pillow cover right side out and stuff with your insert:

Sew a Pillow Cover

Super easy, and very quick. I finished this pillow in less than 30 minutes. If you have any questions about making your own cover let me know!

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