Refresh Old Art Prints in New Frames

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving/Black Friday? It’s hard to say which of those are more American. I had a great both, the only stores I went to however were… you guessed it thrift! I got this sweet wicker/bamboo/wood chest:

Mini Wicker Chest

I got it for storage, since we still have zero in the still being renovated bathroom. However it looks awful in there sooooo, stay tuned for that. I think i’m going to bust the bottom trim off it. I hate feminine scroll trim.

I also got this fabric:

Vintage Velvet Fabric

It looks kinda blurry because it’s got a velvet-y, furry feel:

Vintage Velvet Fabric

Buying fabric new is so expensive, and really shoots any profit margin in the foot on DIY sewing projects. Which is why just about all of my fabric projects are with second hand materials. It’s also why I can’t pass up half off printed velvet!

Although I didn’t pick these up last Friday, I hadn’t blogged about them yet:

Vintage Blue Fern Prints

The gold frames weren’t my style so I used two frame-less frames I had to update the prints:

Vintage Blue Fern Prints

They have a totally different feel without the dated framing. I have spots picked out for them next to my tulip. I re-purposed the gold frames and their mats. First by spray painting them silver, then adding two gelatin prints:

Color Gelatin Prints Color Gelatin Prints

In other blog-ish news I’ve got big plans for my new sofa’s lack of pillows. Which is why I haven’t been posting/this one is a bit lame. I want to make TONS of throw pillows to give the whole room a more colorful eclectic feel. Also then I might be able to live with the fact that the top of The Wave is orange:

Sitting Room ProgressI really don’t like that orange against the blue. I might just have to take it down and paint it yellow. Any thoughts on that?

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  1. Kimberley Case says:

    oh leave the orange– and place a brilliant orange huge throw pillow on the floor– will tie in top and bottom… and be splendidddddddd– I love it!

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