Scarf Storage Wall

I have tons of scarves and it’s always been hard storing them effectively. Folding results in creases and having them out of sight means I never remember to wear one anyway. For the past couple of years I have had them on my letterpress jewelry trayScarve OldBut the longer they hung on the hooks the more wrinkled they got. When I’m about to leave and decide to throw a scarf on there is no chance I’m going to take the time to steam the one I wanted. So on the empty wall of my project/dressing room I decided to make a hanging scarf storage system. Here is the wall before:

Scarve 1 fixedI bought wooden dowels and interesting drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby and large eyelets from Home Depot:

Scarves 2 fixedI didn’t like how shiny the eyelets were so I gave them a light sanding and threw them into a solution of rust wood stain (that I had made for a different project). I used this recipe from The Modern DIY Life. After 24 hours here is how they looked:

Scarves 4 fixed

I also used some left over wood stain on the wooden dowels, and drilled into the ends so my knobs would be easy to screw in. To put the dowels up I had to screw a knob into one side slide the dowel through the eyelet and then screw the matching knob into the other side. I think if I was going to do it again I would have picked all the same knobs instead of a different set for each dowel. I think it looks kinda messy, but here it is all set up without scarves:

Scarves 6 fixedI arranged my scarf collection on them, which took by far the longest time since I kept changing their positions.

Scarves 9 fixedI have had it up for months now, and it really is a great way to store them. They stay ready to wear and in sight so I remember all the ones I have. I ended up moving the bottom dowel up to the top so the whole thing is taller: Scarve complete fixed

Which I did mostly to give the Zantedeschia aethiopica or Calla Lily my grandparents gave me more room.

Calla lilly fixed

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