Brass Light Fixture Terrarium

Not so long ago I bought a Selaginella Emmeliana, even though I knew they were hard to care for. Here is a picture of one, looking deceptively low maintenance.

He lived in my bathroom where he would get plenty of humidity, and for a few weeks he looked fantastic. Then all the edges of those lush fronds began to turn brown and my research lead me to believe that he required even more humidity than I was providing. Which began my search for terrariums. Terrariums have been super popular in home decor lately. I love these geometric ones from Restoration Hardware:

Faceted Glass Terrarium

After some searching I found this post from Sugar Sugar House in which they created a terrarium out of an old brass light fixture. I went to a few local thrift stores and was lucky enough to find this one the same day:

Brass 1 fixed

At $30, I think it’s high on the list of most expensive things I’ve ever bought at a thrift store. I took it home and began to dismantle all the actual light fixture parts. Here are all the parts I didn’t end up using (for this project).

Brass 3 fixed

The top finial pieces weren’t attached to each other so I used E6000 to glue them together. I used tin snips to cut a hole in the top of the brass so you can open the terrarium for misting and the finial closes it back up. Here is the finial spray painted:

Brass 2 fixed

I cleaned the brass and used painters tape to protect the glass. I had a picture of this but managed to delete it somehow along with the pictures of spray painting it. Oh well, close your eyes and imagine what spray painting looks like and:

Brass Done 1 fixed

My finished geometric glass terrarium (or is it a greenhouse if the plants are in pots inside it). I added the copper platter so I can move it without releasing all the humidity. Unfortunately even this stylish home couldn’t save my¬†Selaginella which died. Ugh, sometimes I swear plants lose the will to live and even daily pep talks can’t save them. I will have to add new humidity loving robust plants to my greenhouse but for now I stuck my Sansevieria inside for this picture:

Brass Done fixedI am keeping my eyes out for other nice brass fixtures, I think a grouping of them would be lovely. At $30, plus the $20 for the platter this is also a third of the price for the Restoration Hardware ones and I think better looking anyway.



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