Denim, Dye, and Doilies

I’ve really been digging the denim shirt look lately. Especially the oversized or “boyfriend” ones, throw it over a pair of leggings and bam! Cute outfit. I bought the one below the other day at ARC for only $2.

The fit is exactly what I wanted, but the color… It’s a little too regular blue jeans for me. I considered dyeing it darker. However my shirt like chambray shirts are woven with white thread as well as blue. So if dyed all the thread will end up dark blue, and the denim look will be lost. Maybe I’ll use bleach to distress it? However it ends up I think I will be adding lace accents as well.

If thrift stores or diy projects aren’t your thing, here are a couple of examples of the cute denim shirts out there (click the image to go to their origin site). 1. Faded Denim Shirt, $59.00 2. Two Tone Denim Shirt, $27.80 3. Polka-doted Chambray Shirt, $59.00.


I also recently bought this strange little dress. It has a very asymmetrical hem, and is composed of 10 different fabrics. It’s missing most of its tags, and the one it does have is in Korean. It is however interestingly compelling. As you can see in the pics below, it’s got a bunch of types of lace on it, an overlay in two different fabrics, and some buttons.

Again something cool to wear over leggings, I might have to even out the hem just a little though.

I bought this super cheap hippie skirt at ARC for a dollar and some change. It’s a bit big for me, because I want to turn it into a comfy tent dress, hopefully with some cool deep pockets.

With all the clothes I buy at thrift stores, I like to give them an odor removing first wash. Too often the perfume/other people/warehouse/dirt aroma of newly purchased thrift items doesn’t get removed with a regular wash. So I like to fill the bath tub with 5 inches of cool water, throw in a cup or two of white vinegar and let my new things soak. After wringing out, I hang them up to dry and while the vinegar evaporates it takes the smells with it. To finish up I put anything that I can in the washing machine, and hand rinse delicate items.

Well I was doing just as I described, and had added my denim shirt and dress to the bath and put the hippie skirt in. I turned around to put the vinegar away and when I turned back radiating out from the skirt was tons of purple dye. I quickly pulled the other items out of the bath, and wrung out the skirt as best I could. 

I rinsed the skirt in cold water to try to stop the bleeding, but bucket after bucket of cool water and the skirt still poured dye. I eventually just let it dry. I’m not sure what happened there. It was a cheap skirt even new, and the tag just says “made in india, hand wash.” Maybe it was the vinegar, or maybe it had been dyed and never rinsed. As far as I can tell the skirt hasn’t faded, even though it leaked all the dye. I might try a dye fixative product so I don’t have to separately hand wash this thing every time.

Lastly, I’ve been buying lots of doilies.

I want to turn them into an eclectic looking lampshade, like the examples below (click the pictures to go to their origin site). 1. A Beautiful Mess 2. Apartment Therapy 3. Shannon South.


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