Goose Creek Campground

My family, loves to go camping, and one of their favorite spots is Goose Creek. It’s about two hours southwest of Denver, and is situated in the middle of the Hayman burn site. The Hayman wildfire occurred back in 2002, and is the largest fire in Colorado history. It burned more than 130,000 acres, and destroyed over 600 structures (Source). It’s amazing how slowly the forest grows back. Even now, over 10 years later, the area is still quite barren. Although, still beautiful in its own way. We stayed for 3 nights, in the Goose Creek Campground which is right on top of the creek so you can hear the water throughout the site.


I took my silly puppy, her name is Daisy and she is almost 6 months old. She had the time of her life, and loved jumping into the creek, even though the water is freezing. Even when the sun is shining, the water is cold enough to numb bare feet. My Basset Hound had to stay home, due to the fact that he is far more enthusiastic about couches than rough terrain.


We also drove over to Cheesman Reservoir during a slow afternoon. The reservoir has been closed for many years now, due to repairs being performed on the dam as well as clean up after the Hayman fire. The reservoir supplies a lot of the drinking water for Denver.


I had a wonderful time, it’s so nice to unplug from the matrix and relax. I took about a hundred pictures, but here are some highlights.


Below is a picture of a patch of wild raspberries, they grow all over the area. The berries taste amazing, much juicer than the ones from the store.

It rained the first night we were there, but the rest of the days were beautiful. I had such a good time, thanks Mom, Dad, Bailey and Jack!!

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