Lamp Revamp: Felt Cluster Lampshade

I bought two lamps at my favorite thrift store a few weeks ago. The one on the right I had my eye on immediately, the other was more of an after thought.

Neither of the lamps had shades, but on old lamps the shades are awful anyway. For the little lamp I found, at another thrift store, a nice empire shade for only 99 cents. I didn’t want to leave the shade plain, and I decided to use an idea I’ve loved for years. I first saw it on an episode of Thread Banger, here is the link to the video. Basically you cover the shade in hundreds of scrunched up felt circles. Below are a couple of examples (click the picture to go to the original site):


Starting from left to right, 1: Lostandfoundblogger’s Felt Meringue Floor Lamp 2: Mystic Fae’s Thread Banger Lampshade 3: The Designophile’s Felt Lampshade.

I used white sheets of felt from Wal-Mart, which were 23 cents a piece. I originally bought 20 thinking that would be enough, but I ended up having to buy more. If you wanted to do a big lampshade or several, it might be cheaper to get yardage of felt cut from a fabric store. How much felt you need to cover the shade really depends on how closely you scrunch up the felt circles. Lots of tutorials I have seen have you trace circle forms on each felt sheet before cutting… I just eyeballed it. It doesn’t really matter if your circles are perfect, or the same size.

Below is the lampshade I used. It’s the kind that doesn’t require a harp, which is nice when you are fitting it to a second-hand lamp. On the right is my first grouping of scrunched up felt.


Although this shade style is time-consuming, it’s not costly. I ended up spending about $8 total on the shade and felt. I probably spent around 3 hours cutting and gluing the felt, while watching movies. Here it is finished and on the lamp:

As you can see I spray painted the base, I used Krylon’s Fusion (for plastic) in white satin for the base and Krylon’s Classic Grey in Gloss for the rest. I really like how it turned out. I wanted it for a bedside lamp, to replace the desk lamp I had been using, I think it’s an improvement:


I love the way the light looks coming out of the felt clusters:

One more time, the before and after:


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