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Castor Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment

- May 21, 2012

This recipe comes from a newer find for me, although not new to the world: Mother Nature’s Beauty Cupboard by Donna Lawson which was published in 1973. As I mentioned previously, it’s an awesome read, full of cute anecdotes, recipes to try and antiquated recipes to laugh at.

This recipe uses castor oil and is meant to strengthen dry, brittle hair. Castor oil is derived from the castor bean and has long been used in holistic medicine. I purchased my castor oil from Sprouts. You don’t need to buy a large portion of the oil since a little goes a long way.

The book says to “rub the castor oil liberally into the scalp” but does not mention how much to use. The oil is hard to remove from the length of the hair so ideally you just use enough to massage the scalp. The first time I tried this I poured a little on my head and tried to massage but it all dripped into my hair making it matted and hard to work with. I had a very hard time getting it out of my hair, but I did notice that the strands seemed less dry in the week after the treatment. The second time I applied the oil I just dipped the tips of my fingers into the oil and massaged the scalp so very little coated the strands.

After you apply and massage the castor oil into the scalp, wrap your hair in a towel that has been wrung out in hot water. Leave on for an hour, re-wrapping your head in a new hot towel every so often. Shampoo thoroughly and rinse.

Here are a couple of tips for this treatment I found on this blog, 1000 Days of Hair, click here to go the post. Since castor oil is thick, you can thin it with a lighter oil like grapeseed. Also if the oil is hard to remove you can coat your hair in conditioner and leave it on to break up the oil. Check out 1000 Days of Hair, its got tons of great info on growing, cleaning, and styling extremely long hair.

I like this treatment, even if it is a bit time consuming. According to the book, this treatment “makes hair 9.2 percent stronger.” I don’t know if thats accurate, but I felt like my hair has been less frizzy and dry since the treatments. If you try out the treatment, leave me a comment to say how it went! Also check out more of my natural beauty recipes on my Simple Beauty page.

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