Mother Nature's Beauty Cupboard

I found this book for $1.99 at ARC a few days ago. “Mother Nature’s Beauty Cupboard” by Donna Lawson. ISBN: 0709149174. Check your library or buy one off Amazon, they go for about $6. Printed in the 70’s (the cover didn’t give that way right?) it’s full of natural beauty recipes. There are lots I would love to try, and some antiquated recipes I would never attempt, but are quite novel to read, for instance:

“To Extract a Tooth Painlessly”

“Find some newts [lizards] and some foul beetles found on ferns in the summertime. Pulverize the lot in an iron pot. Lick the forefinger of the right hand, then insert the powder and apply to the tooth. The tooth will fall out immediately without pain.”

Anyway it’s a good read, very entertaining. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Plus it’s covered in super trippy line drawings of famous historical women during their beauty routines, this one’s Lady Chatterley:

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