Handmade Leather Handbag: Part 1

I love leather handbags, they always look classy no matter what you wear. I have had the same good quality faux leather handbag for about 3 years now, and it’s getting rather bedraggled. I, however am unwilling to buy another cheap(er) faux leather bag, and equally unwilling to shell out the money for a real one.

Then I stumbled across this lovely picture:

This gorgeous bag is made of a thrift store jacket, check out the tutorial on cutoutandkeep.net, here. Now you might have already guessed where this is going, but I’ll say it anyway, I am making my own leather bag! (muah ha ha ha, take that big handbag companies!) Anyway I already bought the jacket from Goodwill:

I would have like to find one with more details, buckles, snaps, etc, so I could incorporate them into the bag. However, this one’s made of the softest leather I’ve ever felt and I really love the color.

I didn’t know exactly how I wanted the bag to look, and I spent days looking at bags online and drawing ideas.

Finally I came up with this:

It will be a medium-sized bag, with braided strap, and side pockets, the flap will close with a magnetic snap, and the lining will have both zippered, and open pockets.

I want to do a whole tutorial on how to make one yourself, and I will be putting the pattern I drafted for this bag on here as a pdf, just as soon as I finish my own bag.

So start checking out thrift stores for cool leather jackets, to make your own bag out of!

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