One-Seam Skirt Bedecked With Bow

Here is my completed entry for Burdastyle/Indygo Junction’s Vintage-Inspired, Modern Style Challenge! I really love how it looks and wears, in fact I wore it out to dinner tonight.

I based my design on the free vintage one-seam skirt pattern from Indygo Junction. The basic idea of the skirt is to take one yard of fabric and turn it into a one side seam, 27 inch skirt, with a zipper closure and cummerbund. For my skirt I took up the hem so it didn’t look so dated. I also changed the zipper into an elastic waistband for easier fit and wear, and made the one-seam go up the back. I also added black bias tape to the pocket flaps so they were easier to see against the skirt. Lastly, but most importantly I added a big beautiful satin bow to the back of the cummerbund:

I bought the yard of skirt fabric at a thrift store for 2.99. It was sooooo easy to sew with, it pressed beautifully and drapes nicely. I really wanted to know the fabric content so I tried to do a fiber burn test (chart and instructions here). Unfortunately I couldn’t determine the content, but I did burn my finger. Anyway, I also used 2 inch black elastic for the waistband, black bias tape, and white satin for the bow.

The vintage one-seam pattern is very easy to work with, and I would highly recommend to anyone who has basic sewing skills to try it. I plan on making several more of these skirts, I have some orange cotton print that I would love to turn into a casual one-seam skirt. Here are some action shots:

So, although I really hope I win… even if I don’t I have a gorgeous skirt that I love to wear! Check out all the other unique submissions on Burdastyle, here, and wish me luck!!

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