Old Attachment Tin with New Interior

As I showed you in this post, my Grandmother gave me a bunch of very cool sewing things awhile back. One of the items was an old Greist attachment tin.

Instead of keeping it as an attachment tin though, I decided to redo the inside and use it as portable storage for pins, fabric markers, seam ripper etc. Sometimes I like to prepare patterns, or mess with the fabric of projects in front of the TV or at the kitchen table.

How I changed up the inside is very simple, and could be used to “upholster” any tin or box. Using this method is also great for vintage or sentimental tins/boxes since the additions can be removed without hurting the original surface. The materials I used are on the right, fabric, plus batting and cardboard. I also used masking tape, disappearing ink, and scissors.

First I removed the old purple paper inside so it was an empty tin:

I traced around the bottom of the tin on the cardboard, and cut it out to create the correct shape to line the inside. It’s important to dry fit the cardboard so you can make adjustment to the size while it’s still easy to do. Next, I used the cardboard as a pattern to cut out the correct size of batting. The fabric I used was scraps of a silky print left over from another project. Use the cardboard again to rough cut the correct size of fabric. It doesn’t need to be precise, I used disappearing ink to trace a half-inch or so around the cardboard.









Place the batting on top of the cardboard and wrap the fabric around it, secure with masking tape:

Repeat to make another fabric covered form for the top of the tin.

I used double-sided tape to secure the forms to the tin, if you wanted a permanent hold you could use hot glue instead.

That’s it, a very simple way to spruce up a tin, here it is all filled up:

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