Dave Dube's Old Paper Art

While trying to find good examples of amber canning jars for this post, I stumbled across this:

Which is a piece of art created by Dave Dube, on old Ball company letterhead. His blog is a treasure trove of inspiring creations like this one, all done on pieces of old paper ephemera.

In the middle of writing my last post I got completely side tracked and spent a good half hour exploring his blog, Old Paper Art (oldpaperart.blogspot.com). The mixture of history and art is amazing. I find myself so inspired by his art I want to quit writing, and go pick up my own colored pencils.

Although he has pieces on many different subjects, my favorites are the canning jars: (click the pictures to view their origin posts)

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  1. Dave Dubé says:

    I am flattered that you would choose my Amber Quart as the centerpiece for your post. I do indeed enjoy very much the way the glass appears when it is placed on a piece of old letterhead or a related piece of paper, and I’ve been blessed with finding collectors of the old canning jars who are willing to share these fascinating pieces of “working” glass.

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