The Adventure of the Tea Storage Jars

As I shared in this post, it has been a huge trend for people to tint their own mason jars. I thought I would jump on the bandwagon, and tint some jars for storing tea. Almost all of the tutorials I founds online were tinting their jars the aqua color of old style Ball jars. For my red and orange kitchen though, I thought amber would be a better option.

I bought 5 wide mouth Kerr jars for about $5 at ARC. Here is my ridiculous cat exploring the bag:

The basic idea is to take a decoupage medium such as Mod Podge, add food coloring and paint the jars. The Mod Podge will dry clear, leaving the food coloring tinting the glass. All the blogs posts I read warned that some experimentation is needed to perfect the color and your technique. I however, became quickly frustrated when I couldn’t get a good amber color, and the jars were covered in steaks. Plus I was wasting a ton of decoupage medium, and food coloring trying to get it right. I tried a number of colors and methods and here are the lovely results:

Yuck, I should have known that if everyone has to re-do their jars it wasn’t going to be easy. For the last one on the right I tried an aqua color and that turned out better, but still streaky and uneven. Luckily this stuff is water-soluble. I soaked the jars in soapy water, and peeled all their “tinting” off.

I decided not to try tinting them again, but I still wanted to add some interest to my jars. I turned to the internet, and it presented me with these: (click the pictures to visit their origin site)

I bought a roll of jute twine for a dollar or so at Wal-Mart. It was between 100% and 110% easier than trying to tint the darn things. I just hot glued the first line of twine to the jar, then wrapped it tightly to the bottom and glued the end to the back.

I also made labels for the jars with my new rubber stamp printing kit.

I love my printing kit, but I bought it second-hand and it turns out it has no capital m’s or u’s. The m’s aren’t a big deal since I just use w’s. I didn’t know about the u’s until I tried printing PREMIUM, I had already printed the rest of the letters in all caps, so I had to settle for a small u.

Here are my finished jars, with their tea:

I think they are going to look great in my kitchen along my other open storage jars.

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