Improve Your Photography with a Light Box!

Lately I have been disappointed with the photography I have done for this site. I think it’s a combination of the dull wintry light and the uninspiring backdrop of my house. I love taking pictures outside, they turn out so much better, but until the nice weather comes back I made myself a light box.

Here are two good tutorials that I read before making mine from Digital Photography School and Back to Her Roots.

I used a 18x18x24 inch box, bleached muslin, masking tape and a sheet of white poster board. I also bought a 6 dollar utility light and a 100 watt daylight bulb. It’s super cheap and easy to make, and I think the results are fantastic. All you do is cut away the middles of both sides and the top of your box, cover in fabric or tissue paper, and tape a large piece of paper or poster board to the back. Shine your lights in and start snapping pictures

Here are some samples from my light box:

Eventually I think I might make another, if you look at the left side you can kinda see that it is rather bent because my cat tried to walk along the top and collapsed that side. Other than that little snag my light box has been great I would highly recommend to anyone who blogs or sells things on eBay or Etsy to make one of their own.

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