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Yesterday I found this old ball jar at a thrift store for 69 cents. I love the wire closure, and its gorgeous aqua hue. Some quick research indicates it was made sometime between 1930 and 1960. I didn’t have a particular reason to buy the jar, no project in mine for it, but I liked it, and I knew I would find something to do with it.

The moment I could, I went online and started rummaging around the internet for ideas on what to do with my jar. This isn’t out of the ordinary for me (and I suspect most online crafters). Even if I have an idea for a particular object I will still check around for other project ideas, and inspiration. Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with this behavior, I wonder what it’s effect is. Basically:

Is browsing the blogosphere for project examples, ideas, and inspiration polluting my creativity?

For example, I made a letterpress tray jewelry organizer based on pictures I found on many different sites. The funny thing is, all the letterpress tray projects I saw fell into three or so basic projects, good projects, but the same projects.

I wonder what if I had never seen those “inspiring” pictures, what would I have created? Would it have been better? Or would it have been a lack luster desk organizer?

Is it only natural to build off other people’s projects, a way to improve and refine ideas or  would I find myself more original if I smashed my router?

I don’t think there is a definitive answers to my questions. Original thought on the internet is a touchy subject anyway, but anyone with thoughts, leave me a comment.

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  1. Chris says:

    You seem very creative so you would probably have made something equally cool with your letter press trays. Without ideas from others it is hard for the less creative to come up with any ideas or to be inspired to change anything from its original purpose. .

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