Design Inspiration/Cautionary Tale: 70's Home Decor

Matt and I found this 1976 copy of The Complete Basic Book of Home Decorating by Doubleday. It was $2 at ARC and it was worth it for these amazing pictures:

“Here’s a clever idea for an unexpected bonus in the small apartment, a niche… single mattress sits on platform carpeted same as floor.” The book goes on to explain the wallpaper is “Thai-like.”

“A sun-drenched bedroom restates the golden and azure scheme of the outdoors…”

“There is new furniture designed expressly for one-room living… Wall unit includes a desk, hi-fi, record storage, and a folding single bed in the left bay.”

“Carpet color was selected… to help disguise soil from constant stairway traffic”

“A Roman shade in a fabric to match plaid wallpaper drops down for formal moments”

“A pleasing color scheme derived from a fabric-yellow, yellow-green, yellow-orange.”

“The seldom used porch of a mountain cottage is now a pleasant extra sitting room”

“Fringe accents a lambrequin, white window shade, and circular tablecloth into one pretty picture for dinning.”

“Unite two widely spaced uninteresting windows into one important eye-catcher… Match the couch to the window’s dress then let yellow, and yellow-green take over the walls and upholstered pieces.”

Although current design trends would caution against most if not all of these room schemes, pulling one element like the printed wall-paper, eye-meltingly bright colors, or heavy use of curtain could look very interesting… just don’t put them all together. My favorite things are the dusty blue paint and floor to ceiling shelving in the second picture. My favorite room to hate is the first picture, shaggy carpeted platforms definitely needs to stay in the 70’s!

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