Some Clothing Finds

I almost never find clothing at thrift stores, I also am not patience enough to look carefully at each piece for size, price, stains, style etc. However last week I happened to find and purchase a whole slew of clothes at the same store, Unique in Aurora.

From top left: 1, Crazy casual pant-suit inspired shirt/dress it was 5 bucks and I don’t know if I can wear it as is. I might have to tone down its flare by removing the shoulder pads… at least. 2, Full length white skirt for $4 I think it looks a lot like the hippy skirts Jenny from “Forrest Gump” is always wearing. 3, A pretty standard looking sweater which I mostly got because it is long enough you can wear it with leggings without showing off a lot of booty. 4, Lastly this adorable little baby-doll dress which was only $2.99 and again great for leggings. Leggings are the best, when done right they look quite fashionable while being more comfortable than sweatpants.

I also found this awesome vintage faux fur coat which deserves a post to itself. Anyway keep checking out those thrift stores and look for my upcoming post on minor alterations and repairs to second-hand and worn clothing.

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