Simple Scallop Stencil Tutorial

Making your own stencils is a very inexpensive and completely customizable way to gussy-up walls, furniture or any other paintable surface. I made this scallop edge stencil for the edging along my upstairs bathroom. I have desperately been wanting to paint that room, mostly because I love to take relaxing bubble baths and the glossy stained white paint didn’t add much to the ambiance. Anyway I will be showing my bathroom’s mini-redo in the next week or so but for now here is how to make your own simple scallop edge stencil:

Stencil blanks have the advantage of being washable and longer lasting than cardboard, but for a one time use cardboard will work just fine. The round object can be whatever size you like, from a quarter to a pickle jar all that matters is your stencil blank is large enough to accommodate the object several times over.

The first step is to mark the boundary lines for the scallop design. For me I marked two inches on the top plus one inch on each side.

Next you want to trace the round object as many times as fits on your blank. Leave a bit of space between each shape. Do not make any half scallops or it will be hard to match the stencil up as you paint.

Next you will need to mark a horizontal line cutting the traced circles in half.

This stencil is just about done! All that’s left is to cut out the top half of the circles, like so:

Once all the circles are cut out the stencil is ready to rock. Some tips on using stencils:

  • Use spray adhesive or painters to insure a tight bond to the wall
  • After dipping your brush or roller in paint roll off the excess on paper towels
  • Use many passes with minimal paint instead of one thick coat
  • Wash your stencil off if possible after every use
  • If the shapes come out a little wonk-y or there is bleed through simply take a small paint brush and even out the shapes, no one will notice if a couple scallops are a bit bigger or smaller

Here is a shot of my bathroom with one wall done with the scallop stencil, I think it adds a nice detail to the dark walls:

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I had my eye on a Pottery Barn white scalloped flushmount kitchen lamp. I live in an apartment and my budget is nil. In addition this lamp requires professional installation, this is a florescent kitchen lamp (yuch) I want to cover. Any thing I do in my apartment has to be diy. So I’m going to make the cover and a matching double tiered one for the dining area. Thanks to you I have my scallop template.

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