Life Again

So it’s been awhile since I have posted! Not that I haven’t had anything to say… I just haven’t kept up with life. I had a promising interview this week, they even called me back for a second meeting however it didn’t turn out. I am trying to remember that not getting the job just means I have another week full of painting, sewing, gluing and thrifting, because it feels more like I have another week of being a useless lump. Oh well it will happen eventually.

On a much happier note, Matt and I have had fires every couple nights. We didn’t really care about the fireplace when we moved in, it was just something the came with the place. It was very dated looking when we moved it, check out our gorgeous fireplace insert redo here (as you can see below we still don’t have handles attached).

Now however I love the fireplace, sooo cozy on snowy nights. It’s nice to have some Winter things to look forward too, it’s usually Summer that gets all the fun.

Anyway my next couple of posts are going to be catch-up ones, more thrift store buys, a couple of finished decor projects and another installment of my singer restoration attempts. What I am saying is there is tons of great stuff coming up, so tell all your friends to visit.

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