Why I'm Addicted to Shopping at Thrift Stores

If you have read any of this blog it should come as no surprise that I love thrifting. I know many people who can’t get over the unorganized, weird smelling, junky nature of most second-hand shops, but I can’t get enough of it.

It’s generally so inexpensive. Where else can you walk in with 5 bucks and come out with a 12×16 inch picture frame and a pair of elephant bookends? It’s unique some of my favorite things have been picked up second-hand like: this Letterpress Tray, my Piggy Bank, and these Meters. Where else can you walk in with no plans on what to buy and walk out with two new outfits and a vase? It’s also an adventure, sometimes you find piles of things you must have and sometimes it’s nothing but ugly lamps, cat figurines and copies of the Da Vinci Code. There are items that you can only guess what their purpose could be and, there are items that are so ugly and pointless you wish to track down there manufacturer and ask why?

In short I am saying second-hand is an amazing way to shop you, if you need more proof:

I have been looking for some small metal picture frames for a while now. I want to do a line of them along the small strip of wall that’s beside my front closet, and I finally got lucky a couple of days ago:

I got these together in a bag with an ugly little fake wood one for only 2.49. Since these are all meant to be propped up instead of hung I will have to modify the backs, I think maybe just a glued on piece of looped wire would work, they are quite light. I need to get around 10 more, I’m hoping to find more silver ones, few that are round to make the line more random.

I was leaving the store when these beautiful plates caught my eye, I just couldn’t pass them up:

There are 6 all together and I bought them for just 69 cents a piece. Only one had a tag:

It identifies the plates as Contempo Teak, alcohol proof and made in Japan. I did some research but couldn’t find much. They are mid-century, teak plates with painted black edges and backs. They are also alcohol proof, but I have no idea why that is. I want to hang them up in a line possibly with the grain-lines facing different directions.

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