A Nerdtastic Vintage Stamp Display

When I was little I loved to read, and one day I came across a list of hobbies for children, one of which was stamp collecting. I loved it, I stapled together a bunch of grey construction paper and started gluing stamps into it. Eventually I progressed to a more sophisticated method of storage. Around the middle school high school transition I lost my zeal for such a nerdy hobby, and got rid of most of my stamps. I kept one stock-book of my favorite stamps and have had it in a box since then.

About a year ago while looking through my old stamp album, I realized I am still totally interested in stamps. I love the history behind them. Anyway I went onto ebay and bought a stock-book full of random old U.S. stamps to start collecting again. The pictures above and below are pages of that book.

Now that I am trying to get my living room decorated and I have plenty of empty picture frames, I thought a little stamp display would be the perfect thing.

I love the pages of this stock book, it puts me in mind of an old man’s study full of dusty books and green glass lamps. So I used a page cut to the size of the frame to hold the stamps.

The stamps I chose aren’t all technically postage stamps, most are actually revenue stamps. They look like postage stamps but were actually used to pay taxes on everything from checks, documents, tobacco and perfume. Almost all the ones I have here are from the early to mid 1900’s and were for documents of one kind or another, most have handwritten cancels. Revenue stamps aren’t generally worth much without the document they were attached to and are considered “back-of-the-book” or least interesting to a stamp collector. I however find them fascinating. (Source)

The 4 red stamps in the upper left hand corner are postage due stamps. Which were stamps added to a letter with insufficient postage to record the amount due by the recipient. (Source)

Here is my completed display, it took no time to put together once I had selected which stamps I wanted to use. (I used the rest of my collection as a background as I am so tired of using my aqua living room walls or my floor in all the pictures I take)

I will be hanging it up in the living room along with the Faux Terrarium, Blue Platter, and Meters I previously wrote about in an eclectic wall grouping which I hope will get done tonight!

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