In Progress: Living Room

Matt and I have been getting our new house together a little at a time. The most used and visible area is the front/living room so that has been what we are focusing on. It’s not done yet and even when we finish our current projects it will still need several big-ticket items. Projects in the works include: painting the walls and trim, painting the fireplace insert, new curtains, and repainting or re-imaging the picture frames and wall decor we already own. Projects that will be done eventually (funds permitting): re-upholster couch and chair, and purchase large art prints for the walls.

Anyway here is a lovely shot of the living room in progress.

You can see the aqua/blue-green color we chose for the walls and the hammered silver spray-painted fireplace insert halfway done. The blue and green wine bottles in the corner I found in the storage shed at our last house in WI and I want to incorporate them into the room. The problem with a group of wine bottles is that they are hard to display without the obvious alcoholic connotations no matter how well the colors match.

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