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I went to the thrift store today looking for some specific stuff for our new house, furniture, and some small stuff like jars and picture frames. I did find three jars that worked but no furniture. I am always shocked how much thrift stores want for picture frames, I think it would be cheaper/easier to buy them new. I did find a couple other items worth taking home:

A stack of what internet research tells me are Wildlife Treasury Cards.

When I was growing up there was something similar, little booklets about animals you could subscribe to. They would send you one for free with a bunch of information on collecting (paying) more, so I had the one about tigers. These cards were all printed in the late 70’s, and apparently there are over a thousand different cards to collect. (Source)


The stack I bought has over 200 cards, with no repeats (that I have found). I think they are going to look great hanging up covering a wall… pending a green light from my husband to geek up the house. I think it would be a high impact very low-cost display. My only question is: which side, picture or text?

On one hand showing the picture sides would be a colorful, eye-popping, attention-getting installation, but on the other hand I love reading the information on the back plus a large display of text would be easier to work into a room. At the whopping cost of a dollar fifty, whatever I do with them will certainly be cost-effective.

I also bought this very feminine shabby chic little mirror:

It was only three dollars and on the back someone wrote this:

When you look in this Mirror… Don’t ask for beauty, it is not truth. Don’t see what Dorian saw don’t cry out like Kurtz or shatter like Donne. Paint a picture like Leo, or Rembrandt or Rafael put Vasavi to shame You make Mic look like Ike.

I tried to google it to see if it was from something but I didn’t find anything… and I am not entirely sure what they were trying to say anyway.

Side note: It is very difficult to take a picture of a mirror without having the reflection ruin the shot. I took a hundred pictures trying to get just one that didn’t have part of my hand or the trash can reflected in it.

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