End of Summer Road Trip

To wrap up the summer my sister Bailey and I decided to go on road trip! It was very last-minute, we were on a walk the last weekend before she started school and thought it would be a great way to end the summer. We stayed in the mountain town of Durango and drove to nearby Silverton too. These towns are most famous for the Narrow Gauge Railroad which is very cool but we had already ridden it as kids and so didn’t do again.

It’s about 7 hours to Durango and then an hour to Silverton then 7 or so back. It’s a beautiful drive but the funny thing about scenery is it stops being breathtaking after about a day. On the way up every corner we turned we oohed and awed…. but by the time we were taking the Million Dollar Highway down from Silverton (which has a mountain river running along it, waterfalls every few minutes and some of the best mountain cliffs) I wasn’t interested at all. I think your brain quits being able to process how amazing it really is.

We stayed in Durango, visited the Fort Lewis College Campus, did some shopping… it was great. We also had the worst Italian food I have ever had (and I suspect will ever have again) at Mama’s Boy. Bailey ordered lasagna and paid an extra charge for Italian sausage and they put pepperoni on it… literally five pepperonis sprinkled on top. However you do get to color on the tablecloths, presumably to distract you from the food. Bailey’s is on the left, mine on the right.

Here are some of the shots from Durango:

Silverton is an odd little mountain city. Once upon a time it was a mining town, other than main street it is all dirt roads and you get the distinct feeling that if the Narrow Gauge didn’t end up there it would have died when the mines were abandoned. It is still awful pretty with the old buildings set against a mountain backdrop. It was cold and rainy the whole time we were there walking around.

Overall it was a great little mini break, Bailey and I had a fantastic time talking, driving and walking around… besides visiting the mountains is always a good idea.

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