High Rock Cafe

Drawing of Me Drawing at the Hostess Stand

I found today about 30 doodles I did during winter in Wisconsin while I was a hostess at High Rock Cafe. Now to understand this I have to explain about winter in Wisconsin… it’s cold and after it snows once there is snow on the ground until spring. Then to really understand I have to explain about the city of Wisconsin Dells which is a bustling resort town in summer and a ghost town in winter. So put them together and I had a lot of time to stare out the window during my shifts last winter, and here is the result:


I’m not sure why I felt compelled to draw odd abstract shapes filled with patterns, but I did for several months and all I know is they totally kill time… lots of time.

Anyway if you are ever anywhere near Wisconsin Dells definitely go to High Rock Cafe it’s yummy and if I could go back a thousands mile for a quick bite I would.

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