Wardrobe Revamp: Too Short Skirt Fix

In this edition of Wardrobe Revamp I have this lovely little skirt:

I really like the feel of the fabric, the deep side pockets, the detailing on the front and the super comfy elastic back… What I don’t like is that when worn on the true waist like in this picture I couldn’t bend over at all, not even a little without giving passers-by a peep show. Unfortunately I bought it before thoroughly evaluating the fit. I intended to return it but a few days turned into a few weeks and eventually the date to return had passed and I was the proud own of a skirt that I couldn’t wear. Yay!

So I decided to buy some coordinating fabric, and splice it in. The plan was to cut the skirt about 3 inches up from the hemline, attach 6 inches or so of the new fabric and then sew the old fabric on to the bottom. Which would have looked awesome, however I didn’t think that idea through. To simplify the problem think about a flare skirt that is 5 inches at waistband and “flares” out to 10 inches at the hem. If you take fabric at the middle of this hypothetical skirt, then try to attach it at the bottom you will be short several inches. D’oh.

I ended up just sewing on the new fabric (gray poplin) and giving a decorative topstitch hem.

I don’t think it has the same style as the original but I still like the result. For anyone who wants to add some length to a flared skirt my method was: lay the skirt flat on top of your fabric, take a ruler and lay it on the outside edge of the skirt so you can mark the correct angle of flare onto to new fabric. Mark the angle on the fabric for both sides and then use the skirt hem as a guide for the hem curve.

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