Postcard Journal Tutorial

Clear Cover Postcard Journal Tutorial

Check out pictures of my completed notebook here.

Supplies: postcard, coordinating paper, filler paper*, clear contact paper, corner rounder, date stamp & ink, white glue, spray adhesive, sewing machine & coordinating thread, close-pins or binder clips, utility knife or scissors

*for my small postcard, 8 sheets of regular printer paper cut twice gave me 16 double wide pages and once fold 32 pages, the extra page is used for attaching the filler paper to the cover

1. On the coordinating sheet of paper trace the postcard and cut out, this is the back cover of the journal. Trace another piece this time add an extra inch to the horizontal side and cut out, this is the inside cover.

2. Take 1 sheet of filler paper and trace the postcard twice sides touching so the shape is double the original card. Place the sheet on top of the rest of the filler paper and close-pin or binder clip together. Use a utility knife to cut out the pages.

3. Fold each filler paper page in half and nest together, trim the right edges so they are all the same size.

4. Round the corners of the postcard, coordinating paper cut outs, and filler paper pages, unfortunately my images don’t reflect that oops!

5. On clear contact paper layout the postcard and back cover, leaving enough room in between to comfortably fit the filler pages, fold over the contact paper so the cover is encased. Cut out the cover leaving an 1/8 of an inch border, and around the corners.

6. Open the filler pages, and use a sewing machine to sew along the middle fold, leave an inch or so of thread on the top and bottom.

7. Take the inside cover paper lay on the outside of the unfold filler pages so the extra 1 inch is on one side of the fold. Apply a very small amount of white glue to the extra inch area and glue to the back of the filler paper enclosing the excess thread.

8. Apply spray adhesive to the back page of the filler pages and glue to the cover on the inside right side.

9. Use the date stamp and black ink to mark each page with a month and day.

10. Admire your sweet perpetual month postcard journal and show to all your friends.

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