Faux Picture Frame Molding

I am stuck in stasis without a house, so I’ve been going through all the pictures of project I have on my computer instead of starting anything new. Here is a really simple but elegant wall treatment I did awhile back to our rental house in Portage, WI. A simple and cheap alternative to traditional picture frame molding done with paint.

Here is a good example of what you can do with the real deal. My version just uses painters tape, a yardstick, a pencil and two colors of paint. I painted the walls this pretty cream color then, I measured out three inches from the wall or window on all sides and marked with a pencil. I then taped the stripes out, coated again in the cream to take care of any bleed through and then painted the brown. The stripes look very dark in the picture but they are really a deep coffee brown.

Only thing I would have done differently is the top of the arch, you can barely see it on the top left of this picture. I didn’t attempt to create a curved line following the top of the arch, it ended up looking a bit unfinished with the rest of the room. Anyway it was a great look for our front room since we didn’t have much furniture… notice the empty shelf. Sophisticated, something to draw your eyes, inexpensive and since we were renting very easy to get ride of.

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