Postcard Journals: May


Here it is! As prophesied in my last post, the first of 12 postcard journals. This one is for May, so I can start journaling right away. As you can see in the photo I did find a date stamp at the Staples up the street. Turns out people are still buying date stamps for some reason???

As I mentioned in my earlier post the idea was to make a journal around each particular postcard. For this one I used clear contact paper so that the writing on the backside of the postcard could still be read. I thought it was cute message:

Dear Mary- We’re having a real swell time. Staying at the El Cortez. Good thing the buildings are air conditioned! More later. Love Barb. Darn these hotel pens!

The card was never mailed but it looks like it was in a scrapbook at some point because the was damage on all the corners, so I used a corner rounder on it. Here is a simple explanation on how to make your own however anything about this could be tweaked, staples instead of stitching, lined paper, printed dates not stamped, etc.


Check out my tutorial on how to make a similar notebook here.


  1. chris says:

    I really like the idea, of using something old to make something new. Plus it is something that most people use everyday.

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