Moving and Postcard Journals

The big move is only a few days away, and I have so many boxes still to pack. Going through my project supplies has been awful, everything I unearth makes me want to screw the packing and start making stuff. I have a couple dozen vintage postcards I bought at a flea market last time we were in Tucson and haven’t known what to do with them. When I found them again today I couldn’t resist their charm. Inspired by this idea from Design Sponge, I wanted to start a similar method of journaling somehow incorporating my postcards.

I’ve decided to make 12 small journals, each featuring a postcard cover. One for each month, and containing a page for each day. My vision for these is 12 very different notebooks, each reflecting the feel of the postcard adorning the front. I would love to find a date stamp like the one in the post… where could you buy one besides the obvious online option? Would an office store even sell those anymore? I might not finish these little beauties before they have to go in box… but I’ll post some work in progress pictures before then.

I think the idea of keeping a journal is striking me so hard right now thanks to our impending move. Nothing like starting a new chapter of life to make you want to chronicle it. I can’t wait to go, Matt and I have lived in WI for 2 years and all things combined it’s been great, but nothing ever feels so good as coming home.


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