Thrifted Book Turned Wall Art

A few months ago, once again hanging around the thrift store, I happened across a book on Impressionist painters. It had lovely reproduction of many well know paintings in all different sizes. It looked like the perfect candidate for an art display like these featured on one of my favorite blogs Apartment Therapy. 

Although I would have loved to frame them, even with cheap Wal-Mart or thrift store frames, it would have been much more than I wanted to spend. So instead I decided to mount each print on foam board, just to give the paper some weight and stability, and hang them up like that.

That same day I purchased white foam board, spray adhesive, and thin picture hanging wire. I really wanted to get the prints on the wall both because I was excited to see them up and so the idea didn’t end up on my never-ending list of projects.

After cutting out all the pictures I choose 19 I wanted for the display, and put the rest in a folder for future projects. The construction was far easier than choosing which to use. I simple sprayed the foam board with adhesive, laid out the prints and smoothed them flat. This was my first time using spray adhesive, and I have to say I loved it. I used 3M’s General Purpose 45 Adhesive Spray it holds great, no wrinkles, no warping, well worth the 6 or so bucks a can. By the time I finished using it on the prints, I was looking around the house trying to think an excuse to use more.When they were dry I cut them out with a utility knife, took a couple of inches of wire hooked both ends up into the foam board, being careful not to poke through the print. To arrange I laid them out on the floor and pushed them around until I liked it. I had planned on doing a random, eclectic grouping, but I didn’t like how messy it looked. In the end I made a large rectangle and arranged the prints inside it.

And here they are hanging on my wall:

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